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Wooden Wick Candles - Various (previous packaging)

Wooden Wick Candles - Various (previous packaging)

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If you love the sound of the crackle of burning wood, with a deep smoke scent, our Wooden wick candles are for you. The added smoke scent, created from the burn of the wood wick, gives the candle fragrance extra warmth & depth. A décor piece, presented in an elegant, matte black black glass with timber and rope lid. Gift packaged in a high-quality gloss white box with embossed black logo and have a 60hr burn time.

Fragrance - Driftwood + Sage: A sophisticated masculine fusion of zesty bergamot sage amber and cedarwood.

Fragrance - Coolwater: Just like splashing your face with water from a cold mountain stream, Cold Water Type is the ultimate masculine fragrance. With sharp citrus top notes that include blackcurrant and pineapple this blend is rounded off with base and middle notes of honeydew muguet water lily and the bold masculine scent of vetiver amber and a touch of mulberry.






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Care Instructions

Caring for your blackMILK candle is as easy as keeping your wick trimmed, keeping your candle away from a draft and never leaving a burning candle unattended.

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