Collection: Athella Tea and Crystal Infusers

Athella's range of award-winning, ethically sourced wellness teas contain only clean and premium ingredients. Start and end your day with your favourite Athella Tea Wellness blend, packed full of flavour and health benefits.

Athella's Dream is to bring you the finest quality tea, sourced ethically from plantations using sustainable farming practices and certified organic ingredients.

Loose Leaf Lovers rejoice! Athella have created the perfect tea accessory for you to enjoy all the goodness of the perfect brew. Bringing you the healing energy of crystals to your mind, body and soul. Working on a connective energy and vibrational level, the properties of crystals are transferred and infused to create a truly next level tea experience, for you to enjoy the tranquility infusion and the benefits of crystals anywhere.

Taste the difference with every sip of Athella Tea!

Athella Tea and Crystal Infusers