About Us

Australian Soy Wax Candles Scented With Fine Fragranced Oils

blackMILK offers a luxurious collection of softly scented blends of pure essential and fine fragrance oils.
Our love of hand crafted products and the ability to share a special moment with a fine fragrance is what we put into all our products at blackMILK. By using the finest fragrance oils and natural ingredients the entire range of blackMILK products are the perfect addition in any space to create a calm, relaxed and luxuriously fragranced atmosphere.

Why blackMILK products:

We use non genetically modified 100% soy wax in our candles.

  • Longer lasting candles / better burn times.
  • Soy wax is biodegradable / renewable & natural wax source 
  • No nasty chemicals released on burning
  •  Lead free cotton wicks / no black sooty residue 
  • Water soluble so easy to clean spills and your container after us

We hand pour our range of products in Wollongong, NSW

Are you looking for unique products for your brand? We can customise any of our products to be branded with your business logo, or work with you to design a new concept to work in with the theme of your business. Whether it is a gift for buying a new home, a thank you for attending or a candle to sell in your salon, the possibilities are endless!

Contact us to receive your information pack about our customised products.


blackMILK Candles Watercolour Collection