Collection: Candle Care

Our bM Candle Care products are designed to ensure that you get the most out of your candle.

Candle Care SetbM Candle Care set comes with everything you need to ensure your candles are well looked after and enjoy a long life. 

Wick Trimmer - The wick trimmer catches all the burnt wick, keeping your candle clean.

Candle Snuffer - A snuffer safely extinguishes your flame without the chance of blowing wax onto yourself or possessions.

Candle Dipper - The dipper can be used to help keep a wick stand straight, tidy any stray wax and keep the edges of the candle burning clean.

All three tools come with the matching tray to display your tools at home. A must for the serious candle lover!

Wick Trimmer - trims the wick of your candle to the perfect length and angle. Before lighting always trim the wick and remove any wick debris. This encourages an even burn whilst helping to eliminate dripping and smoking. 

Candle Care