Collection: Wellness Crystal Light Diffusers

The Wellness Crystal Light Diffuser is an ambient diffuser filled with beautiful crystals and powered by USB connection. When crystals meet essential oils, a harmonising combination of healing energy is created and released into its immediate surroundings.

The Wellness Crystal Light Diffuser is a great choice for the bedroom, living area, during yoga or meditation, and also works particularly well as a night light. They are neat, clean, and eco-friendly with minimal plastics used.

Simply place the glass dome on the wooden base and gently add the crystals provided; add 10-30 drops of your chosen blackMILK Wellness essential oil blend to the crystals, turn on the USB to diffuse your oils in space up to 30m2.

Available in 4 Crystal variants, and choose from 6 Wellness Oil Blends (10mL).

Wellness Crystal Light Diffusers