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bM Ultimate Frangipani Gift Pack

bM Ultimate Frangipani Gift Pack

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The ULTIMATE Gift Pack for Frangipani Lovers!

Immerse yourself in the pretty floral bouquet of frangipani, roses, water lily and jasmine accords, nestled with warm sensual musk... there's a scent solution for every space:

  • Frangipani 60 Hour Candle
  • Hand Wash
  • Hand Creme
  • Soy Wax Melt (6 cubes)
  • Roll on Perfume Oil
  • Diffuser Set




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Candle Care Instructions

Ensure your blackMILK Candle is on a flat protected surface and burning for no longer than 3 hours at a time.

Trim wick to 0.5-1cm before each use; let the wax melt fully across the surface to prevent tunneling.

Keep candle away from drafts and NEVER leave it unattended. Extinguish using a snuffer to avoid smoke.

Please be aware that removing the scent description label may result in damage to the printed surface of selected candles, including the Watercolour, Coloured, Gem Collections.

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