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Nursery Reed Diffuser Set

Nursery Reed Diffuser Set

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Our Nursery Reed Diffuser Sets are perfect for bringing life and freshness back to any baby's room. The long-lasting scent will provide a calming, clean atmosphere, giving your little one a comfy and cozy place to rest and play.

 Delivering fragrance with a distinct, yet simple wicking system. Presented in a clear glass bottle with silver lid and rattan reeds.

Each set includes 100mls of diffuser oil and a set of 7 reeds. Our diffusers are a pure oil base, free of water and alcohol, so your diffuser oil should last for approximately 6 months.

Gift packaged in a high-quality gloss white box with embossed black logo.

Available in 3 fragrances –

Happy - Classic, comfort scent of fresh Baby Powder.
Sleepy - Calming, relaxing blend of Lavender & Orange.
Sneezy - For the snuffles, Eucalypt Vapour Rub to sooth and clear.





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