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Votive Trio - Camellia White Musk + Brazilian Carnival + Lavender

Votive Trio - Camellia White Musk + Brazilian Carnival + Lavender

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A set of three thick glass votive candles, featuring our most popular scent - Camellia White Musk - along with Lavender, plus Brazilian Carnival.

Burn Time: 20 Hours.

Fragrance - Camellia White Musk: A sensual floral blend of pink lotus and camellia encircled by bergamot lemon peel, lotus blossom, amber, and white musk.

Fragrance - Brazilian Carnival: An addictive and alluring scent that takes you to the beaches of Brazil. A perfect blend of coconut, creamy caramel, pistachios, and sweet orange on a warm sandalwood and vanilla base.

Fragrance - Lavender: Sprigs of lavender and rosemary with a hint of warm amber and cedarwood mix for a light, herbaceous fragrance.

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Care Instructions

Caring for your blackMILK candle is as easy as keeping your wick trimmed, keeping your candle away from a draft and never leaving a burning candle unattended.

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